The philosophy of Tenuta le Tre Virtù and of its own farm is BELIEVE IN THE WELL-BEING OF THE GUESTS.

Tenuta le Tre Virtù was born from the desire of Valentina and Christian to live in respect of nature, preserving the environment and equipping the farmhouse with multiple sources of renewable energy: a geothermal system (which uses the heat of the subsoil for heating), a photovoltaic system (powered by the many sunny days) and a well for water supply, as well as a rainwater collection system.

The choice of a rigorous production method guarantees the safety and transparency of controlled organic agriculture  and a rural development model that protects the environment and health.

In our 6 hectares of certified organic land the territory and its biodiversity are enhanced, passionately cultivating high quality raw materials that allow a cuisine attentive to the seasonality and freshness of the products.

In the large park of the estate, guests will be able to stroll among ancient fruit trees and young olive trees that are already productive, and visit the newly planted vineyard and the organic vegetable garden created in boxes, for greater protection from weeds without the use of chemical additives.

The small farm welcomes courtyard animals such as geese, chickens, hens, and two cute donkeys.